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maree mcrae


McRae can cover any size venue and needs from acoustic to full band, duo or trio. McRae is also an incredible “one woman band” with a full variety of classic hits, saving music planners the high costs of larger ensembles, yet with all the sound and energy and enjoyment. McRae is a solid keyboardist and guitarist and her smooth vocal delivery is part of an incredible musical talent. Her performance skills with an audience are relaxed and charismatic, making her an act hard to follow and never to disappoint.

With her show tailored to the needs of the event she plays, she intertwines her internationally awarded original music alongside the broadly enjoyed classic hits that cover danceable events to more subdued concerts, whatever the need may be.


“McRae's live performance left me wishing the show wouldn't end ... heartfelt, yet energetic and with solid musicianship with a fresh easeful delivery ...” Dave Thomas, Memphis Crossroads

“McRae's crystalline vocals and charismatic delivery makes her the freshest sound I've heard in years ...” Skyline Talent

Professional Industry references upon request, just email or call.

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